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Leading Mountain

Leading MountainRiverside leading mountain cliffs, the upper and lower projections, the curved, like Zhang giant mouth of the faucet, because the name Longtoushan. Shanxi there are dozens of peaks, like a faucet, dragon, tail phase, stretching for miles, east soar clearly a dragon, the dragon Yue Jiang, said.

Di Shui Dong leading mountain barrier south, peak elevation of 440 meters, the Department of Shaoshan 3 peak. Shaoshan Mao two pedigree depicts Longtoushan where they stand, independent of Angtou Qianshanwanhe among spectacular, very steep hill. There Land, fertile oasis ...... Mountain bashing people face, Yunsheng Ma on head. According to legend, the North Sea dragon Palace and a dragon whose tail sneaked into Dongting lake, dragon head lifted Shaoshan Di Shui Dong Longtoushan actually formed. Thus, there will be a number of mystery.

Longtoushan has a year-round without a break spring, is known as the Dragon King salivary fluid, crystal clear and sweet, pure and delicious. Spring together into the river, it flows from the deep valley Yamaguchi, like Oncorhynchus, fighting bent line, ups and down. There was a creek on small bridges, the bridge has a natural cave, small mouth hollow as urns, cave spring water trickle, sweet buzz, perennial, known locally as Di Shui Dong or hanging tunnel, which is the Di Shui Dong the original source of the name. Thus the whole valley has become famous, known as the dripping red. Di Shui Dong dripping red appears to be less easy to read, over time, the villagers would rush this mountain called Di Shui Dong.

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