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Home >> Cultural Monuments Landscape Garden

Cultural Monuments Landscape Garden

Cultural Monuments Landscape GardenLandscape Park is located within Yangshuo County Green Lotus Peak Dong Lu, a few minutes walk from the pier to the Lijiang River in Yangshuo county, not only light mountain hills, there are many cultural monuments. Yangshuo Li River pier, a huge calligraphy tape Oh word here (a word also contains along the mountains and rivers, unique in the world. Juvenile efforts to last forever. Sixteen characters, can you see it?)

Yangshuo Park, the former Riverside Park renovation, more than 1,400 years of history. Renovated in 1965 as scenic byway, built in 1983, Riverside Park in 1995 to landscape garden. Landscape garden set in one of the stunning landscape, a centuries-old trail from north to south, the main attractions are: Jiang Ying Court, painting windows eight, Jianzhen Memorial Road Beilin, scenic cliff, stone museum. In a park lined with ancient writers inscription scenery Road and famous, it has been listed as key cultural relics protection units. Park View include: Jiang Ying Court, painting windows eight, Kam Shan Building, Jianzhen Memorial Road Beilin, cliff scenery, waterfalls, streams, stone museum.

Park view with a famous history scholar engraved inscription Scenic Byway and Yang Ming, a total size of more than sixty thousand stone, was in 1981 as a key cultural relics protection units. Wherein not only the Republican patriots Wu step by the book, Semiotic, Yangshuo called armor Guilin inscription on the famous poem, but also in the Qing Dynasty Yangshuo county magistrate Wang Yuanren the book King cursive band word, this word graceful strokes, but also the hustle and bustle of the potential, and the word in the possession of the word, the word in Tibetan poetry, a word in the possession of a four poems: along the mountains and rivers, unique in the world, juvenile efforts last forever, so that visitors from the Chinese and foreign amazed !

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