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Private Guilin Tour

Private Guilin Tour is the best way to make a happy tour with almost any destination you wish. Guilin private tours are designed for individuals who prefer to travel independently without the structure of a group tour. With tailored itinerary, private guide & vehicle, you will have an unforgettable trip to Guilin. If you have any specific places you would like to visit, we are pleased to take you there. You can take as much time as you require for sightseeing and also choose which sight to visit and which one to skip. However, since most people do not have a specific itinerary in mind, we have put together these tours. Private Guilin tour will give you ultimate flexibility and relaxation with chauffeur driven car for entire length of the tour and will be provided local spot guides for your sightseeing. In this way, your trip is not rushed, each place visited is given its right due time and you get the sense that you really got to know the place. We are also pleased to arrange a private tour package for the physically disabled, particularly for people with impaired mobility.

For your private tours in Guilin, we will cater to your special interests and we will create the perfect trip for you. We offer tailor-made tours in Guilin with a focus on history, and culture cruising for individuals and small groups.

Yao People in Longsheng Longji terraced fields
1 Day Guilin Tour To Longji Terraced Fields And PingAn Village In Longsheng County
Tour Code: LGT_03
Summary: Longji (Dragon-Back) Rice Terrace was first cultivate in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and was completed in the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). With a history of more than 700 years, the terrace now is still using for growing rice.

ethnic Dong People in Sanjiang

2 Days Guilin Tour To Longsheng & Sanjiang: Explore The Culture Of Ethnic Zhuang, Yao And Dong People
Tour Code: LGT_10
Summary: The Dong minority group mostly live around the borderlands between Guizhou, Guangxi and Hunan Provinces. The numerous drum towers which are constructed of wood and built without nails are the keys to understand the culture of the Dong People.

1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Yangshuo And Xingping
Tour Code: LGT_05
Summary: Visit 2 of Yangshuo's most popular tourist attractions: Big Banyan Tree Park and Moon Hill then tour to Xingping fishing village. The scene in Xingping is the highlight of Li River Cruise. The scene here has even been featured on the 20 RMB bill.

Li River at Langshi
1 Day Guilin Li River Hiking Tour From Yangdi To Xianggongshan Hill
Tour Code: LGT_19
Summary: Hike along the most beutiful section of Li River. Enjoy fantastic view of the amazing mountain landscape emeging from the clouds on the top of Xianggongshan Hill. The meandering Li River, embraced by rolling hills on both banks, makes a 180-degree bend here.

Elephant Hill
1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill, Seven Star Park
Tour Code: LGT_01
Summary: One day city sightseeing tour to 3 highlights in Guilin: Elephant Hill - the symbol of Guilin; Reed Flute Cave - a brilliant cave with various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations; Seven Star Park - a beautiful park endowed with elegant mountains, clear water, valued cultural relics, plentiful animals and plants.

Jinkeng Rice Terraces
1 Day Guilin Tour To Jinkeng Rice Terraces
Tour Code: LGT_09
Summary: Besides the famous Longji Terraced Fields in Ping'an Village of Zhuang People, there is another unknown Jinkeng Terraced Fields, a 66-square-km network irrigation project which is located in Dazai Village of Yao People.

Daxu Ancient Town
1 Day Guilin Tour To Daxu Ancient Town, Gudong Waterfall And Crown Cave
Tour Code: LGT_04
Summary: Daxu is a quiet and off the beaten path old town located 20 kilometers southeast of Guilin, near the bank of the Li River. Daxu is noted for its well-preserved ancient buildings, worn stone streets and traditional culture.

Bajiaozhai Geography Park - UNESCO Natural Heritage
1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Bajiaozhai Geography Park
Tour Code: LGT_15
Summary: Bajiaozhai is a stunning example of Danxia Landform formations, it's 107km away to the north of Guilin. Many of its stone peaks have a 45 degree angle. Visitors will find many isolated peaks in Bajiaozhai. It was listed into the Natural Heritage of the world in 2009 by UNESCO.

Mausoleum Of Jingjiang Prince
1 Day Guilin Tour To Yaoshan Mountain, Mausoleum And Palace Of Jingjiang Prince
Tour Code: LGT_02
Summary: Yaoshan Mountain's main peak is 903.3 meters, it is the highest hill in Guilin. A 1416-meter long cable car connects the top and the foot and offers bird's-eye views of wonderful peaks and surrounds. At the foot of Yaoshan Mountain is a royal mausoleum of Jingjiang Family during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

hiking from Jinkeng To Longji Terraced Fields
1 Day Guilin Hiking Tour From Longji Rice Terraces To Jinkeng Terraced Fields
Tour Code: LGT_11
Summary: Enjoy hiking tours around Longji Ping'an Village and Dazhai Tiantou Village for wonderful views include villages of Zhuang and Yao People. The hiking from Jinkeng To Longji takes 5 hours in mountains with beautiful scenery.

Huangyao Acient Town
1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Huangyao Acient Town
Tour Code: LGT_12
Summary: Built in 927 B.C., Huangyao Ancient Town is on the lower reaches of Li River and 200km from Guilin. It has long been known for its mountains with caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tablets. Every corner of the town presents a typically Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo opportunity.

1 Day Guilin Hiking Tour From Yangdi to Xingping Along Li River
Tour Code: LGT_14
Summary: Yangdi is a small fishing village on the banks of the Li River, 46 km from Guilin. A bamboo forest surrounds the beautiful Yangdi ferry. The views from the main trail were spectacular. Walking through small villages and local farms presented an awesome opportunity to analyze some of the crops.

Fengyu Cave Lipu
2 Days Guilin / Yangshuo Tour To Lipu
Tour Code: LGT_16
Summary: Fengyu cave is located in Lipu County, 118 km from Guilin. It has been acknowledged by explorers as one of the best caves in China. It is 5.3 km in length and traverses through a total of nine mountains. The main cave is about 6-10m in width and 3- 10m in height, with several chambers and as many as ten branches.

Yueling Ancient Village
1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Yueling Ancient Village
Tour Code: LGT_17
Summary: Yueling is a time-honored village, first built at the Ming Dynasty, with a history of more than 700 years. The wells, millstones, fishponds, flower gardens in the village's courtyards perfectly display the lifestyle of the Yuelingers.

Ling Canal
1 Day Private Guilin Tour To Ling Canal
Tour Code: LGT_18
Summary: As early as 219BC to 214BC, the Ling Canal was built in the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang who was the first emperor who unified China. Since then, the canal has been renovated several times. The canal is one of the oldest and most integrated canals in existence in the world.

Longsheng Hot Spring Tour
2 Days Guilin Longsheng Hot Spring Tour
Tour Code: LGT_13
Summary: 32 miles far from the Longsheng, there is a hot spring national forest park with constant hills sweep around and flourished trees surrounded over. Welling out from cracks in the rocks halfway up the mountain, the water of Longsheng hot spring is colorless, tasteless, pure and clear, about 45-58°C;.

Yangshuo cooking learning
1 Day Yangshuo Biking & Cooking Learning Tour
Tour Code: LYST_01
Summary: Ride a bike along Yulong River, visit Big Banyan Tree and the Moon Hill. Cycle to a common farmer's family for hand-on cooking experience, learn how to cook five Chinese dishes.

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