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Guilin Tour Package

Guilin tour package is a kind of affordable luxury full travel service. Hotel accommodation is included in these packaged tours and meals are also included, as indicated in the daily itinerary. An experienced local English-speaking tour guide will explain about each attraction you visit. All these tours include picking up from Guilin airport at the start of your trip and you will be transferred to the airport when your tour ends. You can choose the best transport option to suit your group size, from a van for 1 to 5 persons, a minibus for up to 10 persons or big coach that can take groups of up to 40.

We offer some of the best and cost-competitive tour packages and present Guilin in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. We make sure to provide best tour packages like sightseeing tour packages, trekking tour packages, golf tour packages, photography tour packages and many more.

fishman on Li River
4-Day Guilin Yangshuo Tour Package
Tour Code: LPKG_01
Summary: Classical Guilin tour package with the most popular attractions. 4-hour Li River cruise put you amid the magical beauty. Experience the exotic flavor of the West Street of Yangshuo and explore the charming rustic sights.

Yao People in Longsheng Longji terraced fields
4-Day Guilin Tour To Longji Rice Terraces And Yangshuo
Tour Code: LPKG_02
Summary: One day Li River Cruise journey to Yangshuo, glides through natural beauty of mist shrouded crags and bamboo groves. A trip to Longsheng Minority Area including family visit. Enjoy a leisure tour in Guilin.

Li River cruise
3-Day Guilin Yangshuo Tour
Tour Code: LPKG_03
Summary: 3-day Guilin Yangshuo highlight tour. Experience a memorable boat trip on the beautiful Li River that has inspired painters and poets for centuries.

ethnic Dong People in Sanjiang
5-Day China Tour To Guilin, Longsheng, Sanjiang, Yangshuo
Tour Code: LPKG_04
Summary: Explore Sanjiang, a small town that is renowned for ethnic Dong People's wooden houses, Drum Towers & bridges. Visit Longsheng rice terraces and villages of ethnic Yao and Zhuang People. One day Li River Cruise, and sightseeing in Yangshuo.

Huangyao Acient Town
5-Day China Tour: Guilin Yangshuo And Huangyao Acient Town
Tour Code: LPKG_09
Summary: 4 days classical Guilin tour package plus one day trip to Huangyao Ancient Town. Built in 927 B.C., Huangyao is on the lower reaches of Li River and 200km from Guilin. It has long been known for its mountains with caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tablets. Every corner of the town presents a typically Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo opportunity.

drum tower in Zhaoxing
6-Day China Minority Culture Discovery Tour: Guilin, Sanjiang, Zhaoxing, Longsheng, Yangshuo
Tour Code: LPKG_05
Summary: Guangxi and Guizhou provinces are the habitation for many ethnic groups in South China. You can see various folk customs there. In this tour we show you not only the natural beauty of South China, but also the experience of different ethnic groups.

Ethnic Miao People in Kaili
7-Day Exploration Of Minority Culture In Guangxi & Guizhou Province: Guilin, Sanjiang, Zhaoxing, Congjiang, Longsheng, Yangshuo
Tour Code: LPKG_06
Summary: Guizhou is a mountainous province with abundant natural and cultural spots. Many ethnic minorities have been living on this land for thousands of years. This tour offers a chance to discover the rich and distinctive folk customs and cultures of the different ethnic groups.

Bajiaozhai Geography Park - UNESCO Natural Heritage
4-Day China Tour To Guilin, Yangshuo & BaJiaoZhai Geography Park
Tour Code: LPKG_07
Summary: 4 days tour package to see the highlights of Guilin. Take boat cruise down the charming Li River with sightseeing in Yangshuo. Explore the amazing landscape of Bajiaozhai Geography Park which is UNESCO Natural Heritage.

fishman on Li River
4-Day China Tour To Guilin, Yangshuo
Tour Code: LPKG_08
Summary: Visit the most famous attractions in downtown Guilin. Enjoy full day cruising on the notable Li River. Take cable car to Yaoshan Mountain's main peak which is 903.3 meters and have bird's-eye views of Guilin's landscape. At the foot of Yaoshan Mountain is a royal mausoleum of Jingjiang Family during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

the snow view of Longji looks like white snow dragons
4 Days China Guilin Winter Tour Package
Tour Code: LGLT_18
Summary: Guilin is a perfect destination for winter travel, visitors will find that the mountains and trees are still green. Longsheng boasts some of the best natural hot springs in the world. Travelers have the chance to see the snow view of Longji which looks like white dragons.

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LCNT_04: 14 Days China Tour: Beijing, Xi'an, Lijiang, Kunming, Guilin And Shanghai

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LTBT_01: 12-Day Beijing, Tibet Lhasa, Xi'an, Guilin And Shanghai Tour

LCNT_07: 13-Day Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Yangtze River, Yichang, Wuhan, Guilin And Shanghai Tour

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LCNT_10: 12 Days China Natural Beauty Tour: Beijing, Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu, Guilin And Shanghai


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