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Lingqu Canal (Ling Canal)

Lingqu Canal, Guilin
Ling Canel, Guilin China

Located in northeastern Xing'an county, Guilin, the Ling Canal was first excavated during the 33rd year of Qing Shihuang's reign (214 B.C). It has been named Qing Zao Canal, along with Ling Canal and Xing'an Canal. Its history began when Emperor Qing Shihuang was leading his army into the south mountainous areas of China.

Due to inadequate supplies, he ordered that a tunnel be excavated to transport additional foods supplies. This resulted in the Xiang River (which is a branch of the Yangtze River) connecting with the Li River (which is a branch of the Pearl River). Making transportation and irrigation more convenient, the Ling Canal is constituted of two water-dividing dykes (known as ''Tianping'' in Chinese), which are contrasting in size. The larger dyke is 344 meters long, and the smaller is 130 meters long, while both are 2 to 2.4 meters in height, with widths measuring 17 to 23 meters. About seventy percent of the water flows through the north channel into the Xiang River and the other thirty percent flows into the south channel leading to the Li River. The north channel is 3.2 kilometers long and the south channel 33.15 kilometers long, both of which have a width of over 10 meters. To assist in draining away flood waters, spill ways were built along the watercourses in two sections along the south-channel and o-ne along the north-channel. Also built along the watercourses are 36 sluice-gates, which can help control the volume of water and regulate the water level in order to guarantee normal navigation along the rivers. The Ling Canal is set amidst a karst geographical landscape where the rivers zigzag and wind around hairpin bends through gorgeous scenery.
Guilin is located in low latitude, having the subtropical monsoon climate - moderate climate, abundant rain and light supply - its average temperature is 19.3 degree. Guilin has warm winters and cool summers, the autumn is considered as the optimum time to travel.


Qing bank, built in Qing dynasty, is located between the south canal and the Xiang river. It prevents the water in the south canal influxiing to the Xiang river. The Qing bank ,which is from Fengshuitang to Dawandou , is 3150 m long.
Flying stone is above the Qing bank, it is 4m high, its perimeter is 20m. The top of the stone is tabular just like a platform, you can ascend to the top of the stone by steps. There are two beautiful osmanthus trees growing in the crack of the stone.
The most interesting section of the canal is the Steep Gates or Doumen, which is just like the boatlift in the Gezhouba Dam. The canal is dug with superb workmanship and excelling nature. The scenery along the way is a concentration of natural and man-made landscapes. The best feature of the spot is: water divide and measuring balance.
It is possible to take a boat ride down the south canal to Xing'an Town which is well worth the money. The wooden punt is poled along the canal by two boatmen who are happy to point out the points of interest and answer questions if you have someone along who speaks Chinese. They are happy to stop at the most significant spots o-n the canal for photos or to allow you to get a better look. The ride finishes in the town. The canal continues through Xing'an. The walk along the waterway is very interesting. It is lined with old traditional style building where the residents go about their daily life. I do believe that it would be very crowded with domestic tourists at holiday time, but our visit was free of any congestion and we were the o-nly western tourist in the place.

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