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Home >> Guilin >> Guilin Travel Attractions >> Yu Hill Park

Yu Hill Park

Yu Hill ParkYu Hill Park is located in the north of Guilin nearby the Li River. It is named from Yu hill and the emperor Yu Temple. The park has a characteristic of wonderful hill, deep and quiet cave, beautiful garden and divine temple. It's the resource of Guilin scenery and the cradle of Guilin history and culture.
Yu hill, with its towering crags and dense forests, is rather peaceful and secluded. At its western foot, Shao yin cave goes from north to south. The breezes run through the cave, mix the babbling of royal beneficence stream and the roaring of forests to make a music, just like Sho music."Warm breeze in the sun cave" is one of the eight famous sightseeing spots.
Yu Hill has a long history of development. There ere lost of human resources and cultural scenery. Which enrich the history and culture. The emperor Yu temple was built in Qing Dynasty to commemorate the visit of emperor Yu on his southern inspection tour. Being the earliest temple of Guilin, it has been regarded as a place of perfect happiness, having affected great numbers of pilgrims through the ages. Now there are 65 ancient carvings existed in Yu Hill. The most distinguished are: sun temple table of which dictions were made by Han Yunqing, hand-wring tings hand sheik, inscription lid binging respectively (tang dynasty); and the "jinxing new you temple" by shoji (song dynasty);on the precipice at the east foot of the hill, a caving of goddess of mercy which has a 1400-year history inject more color to the park.

As a delicate park of Guile, the construction of the park is very new. It combines the traditional and modem construction features. It embodies eastern and western style, it seems uniquely delightful.
In the north section of the park, the park, there are springs, waterfalls, grasslands, and flowers, full of modern atmosphere. In the south section, the rebuilt Emperor Yu Temple appears a great force. Five Blessings Tower, which is named form the traditional auspicious words "Five blessings come to one's house" is bright and brilliant. The "safety bell" in it prays for a steady grow of the country and happiness Life for its people. "Nine spheroid Heaven" which was made of three big pieces of marble will give you an imagination that you'll have a smooth vary for your development. "Elegance collecting Garden" collects a lot of grotesque and precious stone for the visitors to appreciate. "Jiu Qu Liu Shang" ("wine cups flow on a winding brook" is full of wit and humor. "The Pleasant and Refreshing Garden" has lots of exquisite and vivid rockeries "Echo wall", "Couple world", Intellect", "Hearing Shao Building" and "south Fragrance Pavilion" all show their Charms to you.

Yu Hill Park, a new view of Guile's travel, will give you a new felling.

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