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Guilin Travel Information

Where is Guilin

Guilin locationGuilin is located 109¡ãE longitude and 24¡ã N latitude in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The Guilin Government area covers an area of 4,195 square kilometers. It is in a basin surrounded by the Yuecheng Range , Ocean Hill, Jiaqiao Range and Tianping Hill. Guilin is located almost due west of Hong Kong and about 1 hour by air.

The Li River meanders through Guilin from north to south. Most of Guilin lies on the western bank of the Li River.

The main artery is Zhongshan Lu, which runs roughly parallel to the river on its western side. At the southern end of this street is Guilin Railway Station. Zhoangshan Lu is a rapidly developing stretch of tourist class hotels and retail shops.

The city center is dominated by the central square which is surrounded by a number of good hotels, shopping precincts and commercial buildings.

Guilin is built around its two rivers and lakes that are inter-connected. Many distinctive bridges crisscross the waterways.

Those who enjoy walking can spend many hours wandering the beautiful river and lakes

Why Go To Guilin

GuilinIt is by no means necessary to make additional acclaim to Guilin--the attractions here speak for themselves. Asked which of China's natural scenery is the best to visit, a vast majority of mainlander's are sure to point to the beautiful karst scenery of the Guilin area, as the ancient Chinese saying goes: Guilin's attractions top China.

Within the city itself there are a wealth of good sights to be seen, and a little geographic tour here should guide you. Parallel to the Lijiang River runs Zhongshan Road, Guilin's main street. In the middle of the city on both sides of the road are the Banyan and Fir Lakes respectively, each beautiful parks in their own right. To the north stands Solitary Beauty Peak, Guilin's most prominent karst peak while along the Lijiang River are two more peaks, Wave Subduing Hill and Elephant Trunk Hill, each proudly showing off Guilin's unique scenery. Elsewhere in the city is the immense Seven Star Park with seven peaks and six caves as well as pavilions and gardens to enjoy. Lastly, on the northwestern outskirts of town is Reed Flute Cave, one of this area's most wonderful underground sights.

Of course few people coming to Guilin will skip a visit to the Lijiang River which bends all around this region curving around the many karst peaks. Withstanding the exorbitant cost, thousands of people still take the Lijiang Tour, during which you can see a plethora of these beautiful yet strange hills as you glide your way down- or up- stream. Many head for the popular little town of Yangshuo. If you are interested by ancient Chinese history, the Ling Canal is also definitely a place not to miss, for it was constructed under orders from the first emperor of China. However, this is only for the enthusiasts being a good 70km from the city.

Yangshuo, in the past few years, has become the ultimate haven for tired backpackers, with its picturesque Fuli Village, Green Lotus Peak and Moon Hill.

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