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Home >> Yangshuo >> Yangshuo Travel Attractions >> Fuli Old Town

Fuli Old Town

Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo tour
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo travel
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo trip
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo tour Guilin travel
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo travel Guilin tour
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo tour China
Fuli Old Town, Yangshuo tours

Fuli is a quiet town, about 5 miles east of Yangshuo County. It takes 20 minutes from Yangshuo for driving. Fuli is with history of 800 years. Here you will find many small wallpaper supporters. The local barber shop and small Chinese pharmacy¡­I t has a beautiful landscape and local culture. It is a pear near Li-river and also a charming attraction of Yangshuo travel. In recent years, Fulil people have made good use of their cultural heritage and developed the painting-fan industry. Fuli Town has become the famous hometown of painting-fan.

A walk around this old town is a very memorable experience. The Fuli old town still has all of its old houses which you can walk into and see the simple lives of the local people. Wandering around the town you will see the traditional new years' decorations which remain in place for the entire year. Fuli also has markets on any day of the month that ends in 1,4 or 7. You can see the rows of produces, pots and pans, fruits, vegetables, seeing the people pouring in, hawking and bargaining, is full of vigor and vitality, it is good ideal for tourists to know the customs and habits of the local people. Many are ethnic minorities, and they come to market with their most colorful clothing.

Visiting Fuli have three ways, by regular bus, by bike and by boat. Highly recommend you to visit the traditional local ancient town Fuli after your classical Yangshuo tour.

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